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Author of five best selling books, The Savage Nation, The Enemy Within, Liberalism is a Mental Disorder, The Political Zoo and Trickle Down Poverty, Michael Savage is a top-rated talk show host in cities all across America. He is heard nationally on more than 325 stations, and locally, on Talk Radio 570 KVI weekdays between 9pm and midnight.

"I guess people love my show because of my hard edge combined with humor and education," he says. "I pull many of my life experiences, including that of father, son, husband, brother, ice cream factory worker, busboy, lifeguard, writer, scientist, and my huge library of books," says Savage.

Listeners also hear top-flight guests and callers with intelligence, wit and energy, something that a program like The Michael Savage Show just seems to attract.

An independent-minded individualist, Michael Savage fits no stereotype. He attacks big government and liberal media bias, but champions the environment and animal rights. Trained as a scientist, he holds Master's degrees in medical botany and medical anthropology and earned his Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley in Epidemiology and Nutrition Science.

He's hardly your typical talk show host. It's hardly, your typical talk show. Hear The Savage Nation weeknights 9pm - midnight on Talk Radio 570 KVI.