$15 hour minimum wage recount coming in SeaTac; may expand to Seattle

KVI host (6-9p) Lars Larson subs for John Carlson and talks about the 46 vote edge for Prop. 1 in SeaTac, WA that currently has the $15 hour minimum wage passing for some hotel and airport jobs. Opponents of the $15 hour minimum wage in SeaTac are planning to pay for a recount since the vote is so close. Meanwhile, in Seattle, Lars has the latest on the upset political victory of City Council candidate and self-described 'socialist', community college professor, Kshama (pronounced 'Shaw-muh') Sawant who supplanted long time incumbent Richard Conlin. Sawant wants a $15 hour minimum wage for ALL jobs in Seattle, not just fast food jobs as had previously been the point of SEIU union protests earlier this year.

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