Carlson Commentary: Hillary and Al Qaeda

There's an old slogan: Never let the urgent overcome the important. In other words, keep your eye on the bottom line and don't get distracted.

While testifying on Capitol Hill yesterday, outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called on Congress and the White House to face up to what she called "the spreading jihadist threat" from "an expanding safe haven" that stretches from Mali and Algeria to Libya. The Benghazi attack, which was timed to take place on the anniversary of 9-11, was an example of that threat.

I understand the finger pointing back and forth about whether Benghazi could have been prevented. But we're letting the urgent overcome the important. What's important is that Al Qaeda, which we were told was either on the ropes or on the run is neither. It is gaining strength, and new fighters. What's important is that Al Qaeda's jihadist threat didn't die with Bin Laden -- it's growing and in some places thriving. What's important is that our current policies aren't stopping this from happening. Why not?

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