Carlson Commentary: Iceberg, dead ahead

The President kicked off his second term yesterday, promising to tackle the issues of climate change, immigration reform for those living here illegally, more social spending and gay civil rights

But he ignored the most important issue that will define his second term, and that's how we'll pay for the Medicare and Social Security programs that are vitally important, but which are also going broke while driving up the deficit.

In their current structure these programs would require future retirees to pay higher taxes, fewer benefits and attain a higher age for eligibility to remain solvent.

The alternative is to restructure them along the lines suggested by Paul Ryan last year - where people buy their own health care plan with a subsidy equal to what the government would spend on their Medicare Plan. Shopping for a plan would create competition to drive down costs.

But the President must make a decision and act, not continue to distract us by raising other issues. The time has finally come to quit kicking the can down the road. We're running out of road.

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