Carlson Commentary: Olympia is not like DC

When two Democrats in the State Senate joined Republicans to give Washington a fiscally conservative state senate, plenty of politicos and pundits predicted that Olympia was becoming like Washington, DC: A city with a Democratic executive and a divided legislative branch where nothing gets done.

But Olympia isn't like Washington,DC for three reasons.

First, unlike Washington, DC, Olympia has to balance its budget. There simply can't be runaway spending when they can't run annual deficits.

Second, while some of the more liberal legislators want to raise taxes - or as they say, raise "revenues", fully two-thirds of the voters just passed an initiative requiring two-thirds of the legislature, rather than a simple majority, to raise taxes.

And finally, let us remember that Jay Inslee both during and after the campaign promised not to raise taxes -- unlike President Obama who promised just the opposite.

So be assured that while things might get rough in the state capitol, it'll be nothing like what we see in the nation's capitol.

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