Carlson Commentary: Why immigration is "broken"

So now there's a new push to grant both amnesty AND a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants because the current system is "broken". Yes it is broken, but why? Maybe it's because everybody's breaking the law, but nobody's paying a penalty for doing so.

There's the illegal immigrant who jumps the border and cuts the line. But it doesn't start with him: The Mexican government actively encourages illegal immigration because they benefit from it.

So do American employers who hire illegals to save money and undercut their honest competitors.

Not to mention civil rights groups and the Democratic party, which no longer distinguishes between legal and illegal immigration.

And of course, local governments, like Seattle's that declare themselves "sanctuary cities" for illegal residents.

When you don't follow the law, the system breaks. That's why our immigration system is broken. The cure is not to replace it with amnesty. It's to respect the law, and enforce the law, across the board.

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