KVI Welcomes Glenn Beck Weekdays Noon to 3pm!

What an amazing year it's been! Thanks to you, Talk Radio 570 KVI is the fastest growing conservative talk station in America. But, we're not finished. We're pleased to announce an exciting addition to the KVI line-up. One of America's leading conservative voices and long-time Seattle favorite Glenn Beck can now be heard weekdays noon to 3 on Talk Radio 570 KVI. Glenn's a native Washingtonian and shares the values and principles that we as conservatives care most about. The Glenn Beck show - where entertainment meets enlightenment.

And, after a brief hiatus, Laura Ingraham has returned to her 9am - Noon slot on KVI. As may you know, Laura decided to take a brief break to expand and retool her program. She parted company with her syndicator of 9 years and announced a new partnership with Courtside Entertainment for the distribution of her show. Bottom line: she's back on KVI and we couldn't be happier.

Thanks again for a great 2012 and here's to bigger and better things ahead. So glad to have you listening to Talk Radio 570 KVI!

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