0.0013% of Amazon workers signed petition to keep Seattle 'head tax'

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A new report says 60 Amazon employees signed a petition demanding Seattle keep it's $47 million annual employee head tax which the city council decided to repeal with a 7-2 vote this week after previously passing the head tax with a unanimous vote. Click the photo above to hear a montage of the head tax supporters who can't seem to acknowledge why there aren't more Amazon employees on their side. (photo: AP)

While the "No Tax On Jobs" campaign claimed they were gathering upwards of 40,000 signatures to repeal Seattle's $47 million a year employee head tax which was ultimately repealed in a 7-2 vote by the same Seattle City Council that enacted it in May 2018 with a unanimous 9-0 vote, a group of Amazon workers organized a petition to Amazon executives urging that the head tax be kept in place. According to the Puget Sound Business Journal, the Amazon employees managed to convince 60 co-workers sign the petition.

Out of the estimated 45,000 Amazon workers in Seattle, that totals 0.001333% of Amazon workers in the city. Now admittedly, the pro-head tax Amazon workers may not have offered all 45,000 co-workers in Seattle a chance to sign this petition, but at the same time with such a target rich environment of Amazon colleagues why didn't more of them jump at the chance to sign this progressive petition to keep the tax? Likely because the group responsible for this petition knew they couldn't convince their co-workers to sign it so they didn't bother to ask anyone outside the workplace political bubble.

The petition was then submitted to Amazon executives.

Here's an excerpt from the PSBJ story: About 60 people signed the petition and submitted it to Amazon executives, said an employee who was involved in the effort but not authorized to speak with media and requested not to be named. Most of the employees who signed on are in non-management roles, including software engineers, user experience and graphic designers and project managers, the source said.

Nevertheless, despite that tepid head tax support by Amazon employees, you can enjoy this montage of people identifying with the Socialist Alternative group who spoke in favor of keeping the head tax at the Seattle City Council hearing Monday before the repeal vote. It illustrates you how defiant and obtuse the head tax supporters in Seattle are when they can't recognize the extensive opposition to the tax on big businesses grossing over $20 million per year.

The PSBJ story concludes with this quote from one of the anonymous Amazon workers who wants an employee head tax: "It’s discouraging and I was blindsided by how suddenly everything happened (with the city council's repeal vote on Monday)," the source said. "It felt like they waited for everyone to relax and then pulled the rug out from under us."

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