Food bank keeps $17,000 after Sumner homeless man found bag of cash

A homeless man discovered a bag of cash near the Sumner Food Bank and turned it over to the food bank managers. The bag contained $17,000 in cash and after 90 days, no one has stepped forward, according to The (Tacoma) News Tribune, to claim the money. The cash windfall will now go to the food bank and be used to expand their operations.

32 year old Kevin Booth turned over the bag of money when he found it outside the food bank three months ago. According to the News Tribune he has lived in the Sumner area for almost 20 years. He's been homeless, off-and-on, for the last few years and occasionally stops by the Sumner food bank to get something to eat.

"I wish there was something we could do for this guy," said KVI's John Carlson. He continued, "I'm reading between the lines here...the police chief knows him very well. I'm guessing this guy has probably got some challenges, some drug issues or alcohol issues, but boy, I hope there's a way he can be helped out and get back on track."

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