2020 Elections: Kirby Wilbur's Voter's Guide

570 KVI's Kirby Wilbur provides his recommendations for the upcoming 2020 Elections

Here are Kirby Wilbur's recommendations for the August 4, 2020 primary for the statewide positions.

Here are the rest of my recommendations for the August 4th Primary. It is incomplete as many races don't have a primary or Republican primary choice. These are the races I have followed or have a particular interest in. If a race is not mentioned, it is not a reflection on any of the candidates, it's a reflection of the limited time and space I have. On our KVI 2020 Elections page, we have linked to the websites of the Pierce, King and Snohomish County Republican parties which should provide you with more information on some of the races. When in doubt, do as I do, vote Republican. Thank you for asking for my advice/recommendation on these races before you vote. It is a serious responsibility that I do not and never will take lightly. Pro Deo et Patria.

Local Races:

  • Governor: Joshua Freed
  • Lt Governor - Ann Davison Sattler
  • Secretary of State - Kim Wyman
  • State Treasurer - Duane Davidson
  • Auditor - Chris Leyba
  • Attorney General - Matt Larkin
  • Insurance Commissioner - Anthony Welti
  • Commissioner of Public Lands - Sue Kuehl Pederson
  • Superintendent of Public Instruction - Maia Espinoza
  • Pierce County Council, District 3 - Amy Cruver

U S Congress:

  • District 8 - Jesse Jensen
  • District 10 - Jackson Maynard

State Senate:

  • District 28 - Steve O'Ban
  • District 41 - Mike Nykreim

State House:

  • District 5, Position 1 - Cyrus Krohn
  • District 10, Position 2 - Bill Bruch
  • District 28, Position 1 - Kevin Ballard
  • District 30, Position 2 - Jack Walsh
  • District 33, Position 1 - Kerry French - Folks, this is a write-in vote. Kerry decided to run after filing closed and no one filed against the incumbent. You need to write in Kerry French and if she gets enough votes, she will appear on the November ballot.
  • District 44, Position 1 - John Kartak
  • District 44, Position 2 - Mark James
  • District 45, Position 2 - Amber Krabach
  • District 46, Position 1 - Eric Brown
  • District 46, Position 2 - Beth Daranciang

Check out our full 'Guide to the 2020 Elections' for more information HERE.

And, make your voice heard - VOTE!

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