A street level look at Seattle's heroin crisis: a KOMO 4 special broadcast

Demon at the Door KOMO special 9_o.jpg
KOMO News presents a one-hour, special report anchored by Eric Johnson about the Seattle heroin epidemic. Eric Johnson interviews heroin addicts on the street, Seattle police officers assigned to stop drug dealers, public health officials and several family members with loved ones who are addicted to heroin.

KVI's John Carlson and Kirby Wilbur interview KOMO News anchor Eric Johnson about the hour-long prime-time TV special he presents tonight, Thursday June 1st 2017, at 10pm examining the brutal realities of the Puget Sound heroin epidemic. The special report from KOMO News is called "Demon At The Door".

Eric Johnson and KOMO cameras document drug addicts cooking their heroin and shooting up their veins outside one of Seattle's biggest music venues, interviews with Seattle police officers trying to stop drug dealers on downtown streets, social workers in Snohomish County trying to provide a path to addiction recovery and the debate about two proposed supervised injection sites slated for Seattle/King County. Be aware, this special report is the raw reality of the streets around Seattle. The stories of the addicts and the images about heroin use will be disturbing. However we urge you to watch this special presentation as virtually every community around Western Washington deals with the problems stemming from heroin addiction.

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