"And Another Thing..." podcast on heroin injection site ruling Dec6, 2018

Heroin injection possible mobile sites PIXLR.jpg
At least one and perhaps two supervised heroin injection sites are now back on track in Seattle or King County after the Supreme Court of Washington (SCOW) upheld a King County judge's ruling that blocked a public vote on the controversial heroin injection sites. I-27 qualified for the King County ballot in 2017 after a signature gathering campaign by voters. But before I-27 reached the February 2018 ballot, an activist lawsuit in Seattle was filed against it and the King County judge blocked the public vote. (photo: KOMO News).{ }

Special guest, KVI's Kirby Wilbur, joins John Carlson to discuss this morning's breaking news from the Washington Supreme Court which just ruled unanimously that no public vote can be held on King County's planned pilot project for supervised heroin injection sites. Kirby and John go through the background of the ruling, why a heroin injection site in Vancouver BC that the King Co. site(s) would be modeled after have caused more problems than it has solved and lastly, Kirby and John, discuss why this perplexing State Supreme Court decision could help swing voters back in favor of Republican candidates after last month's poor election-showing for state legislative races.

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