"And Another Thing...Sumner homeless man speaks" podcast Dec 5, 2018

Sumner food bank police proclamation Twitter screen grab ue2Y.jpg
Here is the Sumner (WA) Police Department's proclamation honoring Kevin Booth who turned over a bag of cash to staff of the Sumner Food Bank after he found it three months ago in their parking lot. Staff discovered that the bag contained $17,000 in cash that nobody stepped forward to claim. (photo: Twitter screen grab)

KVI's John Carlson interviews an on-again, off-again homeless man from Sumner WA who turned in a bag of money he found in the parking lot of the Sumner Food Bank. Kevin Booth made the fateful decision and explained the story to KVI. After food bank staffed checked the bag, they found it contained $17,000 in cash. It was turned over to Sumner Police and three months later, nobody stepped forward to claim the money. Booth explains how he ended up homeless and what he plans to do with some of the reward money he was given by the food bank. Carlson explores whether or not this moment in the news spotlight can provide a chance for Booth to over-come his recent homeless history and secure stable housing.

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