Bathrooms and car parking fuel dispute over Kent light rail construction

Sound Transit -- SoDo look both ways PIXLR.jpg
KVI's John Carlson discusses the effort to get more bathrooms and parking spaces built in to the next Sound Transit light rail stations that are set to open in Kent on Pacific Highway South. (photo: KVI Staff).{ }

The city of Kent and Sound Transit are in some disagreement over design plans for two new light rail stations that will be built starting next year.

KOMO's Carleen Johnson reports the Kent City Council president Bill Boyce continues working with Sound Transit to address the concerns with design. The big issues is parking for the two stations, one near Kent Des Moines Rd. and Pacific Highway South and the other near South 272nd Street and Interstate 5.

Boyce says they know from how it works at Kent station which he says doesn't have nearly enough parking spots. That's why he says 272nd's light rail station will need more spots then what's planned now.

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