Deal finally reached for WA capital budget and "Hirst" water decision

Olympia capital washington_flag KOMO.jpg
Washington Legislators just announced a compromise deal to resolve the dispute between Democrats and Republicans about the state capital construction budget and a legal remedy to a restrictive Supreme Court of Washington ruling known as the Hirst decision, regarding rural property water wells. (photo: KOMO News).{ }

Republican and Democratic legislative leaders in Olympia have just announced, according to The News Tribune, an agreement to resolve the dispute between enacting a $4 billion construction budget that will provide for jobs and more government services while at the same time achieving a legal remedy to a Supreme Court of Washington ruling, known as the Hirst decision, which strictly curbed well digging and water rights on rural property.

Despite a triple-over time legislative session last year in Olympia, Democrats and Republicans refused to agree on a political deal to resolve the Hirst decision and that ultimately led to a failure to approve the capital construction budget.

The political stand off resulted in news stories like this one reported yesterday by KOMO News about a missed deadline in Everett to obtain federal funding for a homeless transition housing shelter.

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