Democratic WA Congressman and KVI's Carlson duel on tax reform debate

Rick Larsen district 2 save family farming-45-24.png
US Congressman Rick Larsen (D-Everett) joins KVI's John Carlson to debate/discuss the expected impact of the tax rate cuts and tax reform bill just approved by Congress. Larsen voted against the tax reform bill that now awaits Pres. Donald Trump's signature. 

Washington U.S. Congressman, Rick Larsen (D-Everett), voted against the Republican-led tax reform bill that will cut rates and limit some deductions. KVI's John Carlson interviews Larsen about his reasons for objecting to the tax reform plan as local companies like Boeing and Washington Federal announce they will redirect tax savings back in to their employees or companies to boost productivity.

Larsen expressed his skepticism about Boeing's announcement.

Carlson asked "Why not make it less expensive to create a job?"

Larsen dismissed that approach as trickle-down economics which he said do not trickle down. "Reagan did it and we had 5% (annual) economic growth," responded Carlson.

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