Dumb criminal nearly nabbed pawning $11,000 stolen ring

An Oregon ring thief is suspected of stealing the pricey prize at one store in the chain and then attempting to pawn it at another store in the same chain but an alert employee noticed the hot property foiling the plot but the thief escaped the second store and fled in an SUV. (photo: KATU News).{ }{ }

A snatch-and-grab jewelry store thief nearly got nailed in Portland, OR when he apparently tried to sell back the stolen treasure at another store in the chain where he committed the original crime, according to KATU News.

Less than 24 hours after ripping the ring out of an employee's hand at the All That Glitters Jewelry and Loan on Lombard Street, the suspected thief turned up about 13 miles away, according to Steve Souza, the general manager of All That Glitters Jewelry and Loan located on SE Division, trying to pawn the same ring.

"It's a pretty unique ring, and I know exactly what the ring looks like," Souza told KATU News. "I said, 'Where'd you get the ring from?' He said he bought it for his wife in Las Vegas. I said 'Really? We had a ring just like that stolen from our Lombard store.'"

He says he's 99.9 percent sure it's the same guy after the staff at the first store location shared it with other employees in the ownership group.

Surveillance footage from the store shows the man in a similar coat seen at the Lombard location, walking around the store for a few minutes before he talked to Souza. When the man realized the jig was up, he tried to grab the ring out of Souza's hand.

When that didn't work, Souza says he ran outside and jumped into a silver SUV with a driver inside, and they drove off.

"I'm happy about it because I got my ring back and the store's happy. Souza is worried the man will rip off someone else. He's offering a $1,000 reward for any information that leads to this suspect's arrest.

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