Ex-professor targeted by social justice activists calls their tactics "brilliant"

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The former Evergreen State College professor, Bret Weinstein, says the tactics used by social justice activists on college campuses are brilliant even if the activists themselves are not. Weinstein was the target of vitriolic protests by student activists in May 2017 and threatened to the point where campus police said they could not guarantee his safety on campus. (photo: YouTube screen grab)

The former Evergreen State College professor who was targeted by social justice activists at the center of a furious campus protest in May 2017 is responding to the tactics and strategies used by those activists.

KVI's John Carlson praises the candid comments by former biology professor, Bret Weinstein, "Here is what professor Weinstein is talking about...he basically is (identifying) the strategy in place here. The strategic plan is to harness higher education for political purposes. To drive higher ed starting with the liberal arts but also extending to science, which professor Weinstein--an evolutionary biologist--was trying to point out, they're trying to apply political and, you know, philosophical terms and criteria to the study of science."

Weinstein says if you start asking questions of the social justice activists you get labeled a white supremecist, which is an intentional trap set up by their use of vague terms like "equity". Weinstein concluded, "That is a very potent combination."

Weinstein sued Evergreen State College and settled with the school financially in September 2017.

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