Film director sounds the alarm for Seattle & WA gov't over-spending

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Documentary filmmaker and Seattle resident Christopher Rufo talks to KVI host John Carlson about his acute concerns that excessive government spending in Seattle and the Olympia Legislature is crippling housing affordability in the Puget Sound and turning Western Washington in to a northwest version of California. (photo:{ }

"We're heading toward California territory and that's why I really got involved," said Christopher Rufo who penned this op-ed for the Seattle Times urging a new look at fiscal restraint by local and state government.

After escaping California to arrive in Seattle, the documentary film maker calls for a sober look at excessive government spending in Seattle and the Olympia Legislature because of its impact on cost of living in the Puget Sound.

His documentary films have been described as "infinitely inspirational" by the Austin (TX) Chronicle and "infectiously inspiring" by The Washington Post.

KVI's John Carlson interviewed Rufo about his concerns with Rufo saying, "The reason I left California, frankly, is that we had a 10% sales tax and a 10% income tax. And its impossible (for ordinary taxpayers to afford). And I see Washington State trending in that direction and I just wanna tell all your listeners and all the people out there that its a disaster. Its not good for low income people, its not good for fixed income people, its not good for young families trying to make their way up the ladder. And you have essentially a situation in California now where 56% of California residents are considering leaving the state because its just too expensive to get by."

Sound familiar, Seattle?

Carlson asked Rufo about any reluctance to criticize the Seattle political class and their compulsion toward tax hikes to fund ever-growing government bureaucracy. Rufo replied, "I think its a sentiment that I've found in Seattle that people are scared to talk about it (city council's tax and spend dependence) but when you kind of break the wall and you put your opinion out there, I think there's a lot more people that are just frustrated and sick of the Seattle City Council, King County government, and how inept and ineffective they've been with our money. I think the frustration is starting to boil over and people are ready for a change."

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