FULL VIDEO: "Demon At The Door" the KOMO 4 special on Seattle area's heroin crisis

Demon at the Door KOMO special 9_o.jpg
KOMO 4 special broadcast about the Seattle and Puget Sound heroin epidemic provides a disturbing and heartbreaking look at how heroin's lethal addiction hits home and degrades our neighborhoods.

ICYMI (and you owe it to yourself to check it out): this is the in-depth special report about the street level impact of heroin addiction around Seattle. KOMO 4 News anchor, Eric Johnson, and KOMO photographers devoted 8-months to covering all aspects of the heroin crisis which is roiling Puget Sound. The addiction that rips apart lives and families. The police on the streets trying to stop the drug dealers and help the addicts they see every day on the streets. The street crime, smashed car windows and stolen property that fuels so many drug habits and frustrates law-abiding citizens. The academics and politicians that grapple with policy decisions to fix these rampant problems. Its a one-hour TV news special that you will not soon forget about what's really happening in Puget Sound neighborhoods.

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