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There was a girl at school that made some poor choices that required the school officer to have to step in and interact with her. In response, she chose to assault him. Because she happens to be African-American there was a movement at school that held the girl up as a victim and a hero and painted the police officer in a bad light. (He was later removed from this position.) The next day all students were encouraged to wear black in order to support the Black Lives Matter movement. I feel very strongly that ALL lives matter, including the life of the officer and not only black lives, but every other human life, so I wore white to show that I did not want to only keep the focus on black lives but include every other race because, as I said before, all lives matter. A few days later I spoke at a school board meeting explaining to them that I felt that this being a political issue, should not have been inside school and during school hours. The next day students found out and long story short the situation escalated to a point where I had been surrounded by 30 to 40 people screaming my name pushing towards me. There was never a hand laid on me, but this is only because my friends created a barrier between myself and the crowd. I was able to get myself down the hallway and get to a police officer. He brought me outside and we shared a few words, that was really all that I was capable of at that time from being in complete shock, but the words we shared were very powerful and meaningful to me. It was clear at that point that I was no longer safe at school and the police officer also felt that it was best for me not to return. I recieved death threats from people within my district and outside of it. Things got really out of hand just because I made a firm stand for what I believe and not only was I shut down, but I had to find another place to attend school. The death threats continued from people at every school in my district and the local news and talk shows found out about the situation. As they discussed this on their stations, an anonymous donor stepped forward with an offer to pay for tuition at any private school of my choice for my freshman year. My family and I were stunned at his generous and beautiful gift because this would have never been an option for me otherwise. I am so grateful for what this kind man did for me and my family. However, I have three more years to complete. The school that I am now attending has offered stability, solid friendships, and is an environment that I desire to continue, especially because I have few options at this point to finish my high school education due to safety issues. Somehow I need to raise tuition in order to continue. We're taking it one year at a time but I do need to raise some money. I would be grateful for the community to partner around me in this effort so I can stay at my present school. I would like again to thank the gentleman that stepped forward and gave such a generous and unexpected gift and thank you for any and everyone that feels led to come alongside me.

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