Heroin related drug cases show no sign of abating in Seattle

A 38 year old Renton, WA man, William H. Nettleton, is suspected of stealing this taxi cab at gunpoint in Lynnwood Wednesday and leading deputies on a high-speed chase down Interstate 5{ } before finally being captured near the Northgate Mall. Nettleton had more than 200 grams (7 oz.) of meth and heroin stuffed in his pockets when he was arrested, according to court documents. (photo: KOMO News)

Two new drug stories within 24 hours in Seattle indicate there is no slowdown in the area when it comes to local crime and health problems.

Court papers say a Renton man who was captured after a high-speed car chase that finally ended near Seattle's Northgate Mall on I-5 had nearly half-a-pound (7 oz) of heroin and meth on him after he car-jacked a taxi in Lynnwood and fled the scene.

In a separate incident the next day, King County health officials issued a warning after 7 people over-dosed in north Seattle on what is suspected to be fentanyl, an incredibly powerful prescription painkiller.

The convergence of these stories in such a short amount of time, raises more questions about why local officials can't or won't get drug crimes and opiod abuse under control.

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