PHOTOS: Homeless camp discovered on protected wetland

Tukwila wetland homeless TPD Pixlr.jpg
Tukwila Police release photos of a major homeless camp discovered on a protected wetland near the Green River. (photo: Tukwila Police)

Tukwila Police Department reported about this homeless/transient camp on their Facebook page:

Today, our Community Police Team (CPT) along with Code Enforcement, Puget Sound Energy (PSE) and some local business owners surveyed a problematic transient camp in the 16400 blk of West Valley Hwy just off the Interurban Trail. The camp is not unlike many others scattered throughout cities across the region and state. Except that this one happens to sit on what is protected wetlands.

Occupants and associates of the camp in the past year have been associated with theft, vandalism, assault, robbery, narcotic possession, disturbances and warrant/protection order violations in the area. Those living in and or associated with the camp have been contacted and offered resources on multiple occasions over the past several months. Most contacted claim that they are “just visiting a friend” that resides at the camp and decline resources when offered.

Remnants of narcotic paraphernalia are strewn about the camp making it hazardous for first responders and cleanup crews. A fence line that had been used by camp occupants and their associates for cover to conduct illicit transactions is being removed by the property owner. CPT detectives are working with PSE to have the camp cleaned up and brush removed from the area. Code Enforcement is also monitoring the cleanup efforts.

We are aware of several other smaller encampments on the outskirts of city as well which are being addressed by CPT detectives and Code Enforcement.

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