Homeless solidarity group called "terrorist" after threats in Olympia

Just a few blocks away from the Washington Legislative campus in Olympia, KVI's John Carlson discovers how intense a growing legal and political battle is over homelessness and street crime. (photo: KOMO News).{ }

A pivotal and intense legal battle over homelessness is reaching a crescendo in Olympia, Washington this week.

It comes down to Olympia business owners and a group of homeless activists. KVI's John Carlson interviewed an Olympia commercial real estate broker, Amy Evans, who describes the activist group as a "terrorist organization" for their tactics against the business owners.

Evans tells KVI, "I think the aggression is coming from these political activist groups, the Olympia Solidarity Network."

Evans says several Olympia business owners decided to hire private security officers to keep watch on their properties after crimes increased related to homeless people camping and congregating near their establishments. The Olympian news website has reported that this street in Olympia has recently experienced a spike in homelessness during the last three months.

According to Evans, the private security staff are being targeted for intimidation by the political activist group, Olympia Solidarity Network.

Carlson responded, saying, "tell us about them because when I asked the city attorney about them in Olympia he went almost mute."

"They are, in my opinion, a terrorist organization," says Evans. "On three accounts they have circled, intimidated, (and) threatened our two un-armed working class private security safety team workers. One time of which they trapped them in a building for over an hour and beat on the windows so they feared for their life.

"Most recently on December 1st, twenty of them with masks circled the two unarmed working class safety team officers. Threatened them to the point where they feared for their life and Pacific Coast Security cancelled the contract (with the business owners) because they (security officers) were not feeling supported."

A Thurston County Superior Court judge just ruled in favor of the Olympia business owners when they sued to block the opening of a city-sanctioned homeless camp near their properties. That temporary restraining order will be re-evaluated on December 21st.

Evans expressed her concern that the Olympia Solidarity Network is being supported by a pair of Evergreen State College professors. Listen to the entire KVI interview by clicking the image above this story.

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