I-27 organizer responds to judge's ruling to block vote on heroin sites

heroin injection site in BC  KOMO News 813.jpg
Heroin is drawn into a needle inside a supervised heroin injection site in Vancouver BC in this file photo. Organizer of I-27, Joshua Freed, talks exclusively with KVI about the new legal decision by a King County judge who blocked a public vote on two proposed supervised heroin injection sites. (file photo: KOMO News).{ }

The organizer of I-27, a citizen's initiative to require a public vote in King County on the opening of two proposed heroin injection sites by public health officials, tells KVI that attorneys will appeal the legal decision blocking the public vote.

I-27 organizer (and Bothell City Councilman), Joshua Freed, tells KVI's Kirby Wilbur that the ruling by King County Superior Court Judge, Veronica Alicia-Galvan, is "a threat on our constitutional rights. Both our state Constitutional rights and our U.S. Constitutional rights."

Freed says he'll ask for an expedited legal review before December 15th, 2017 to keep I-27 on track for a February 2018 public vote in King County, "so we can make sure the 70,000 people who signed on Initiative 27 and requested that their voice be heard and allow to 1.3 million voters can have their constitutional rights be restored."

No court date has yet been set for the appeal of Judge Alicia-Galvan's decision. Alicia-Galvan was appointed to the King County court by Gov. Jay Inslee. She has never run for election as a King County Superior Court judge.

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