ICYMI--KVI's "Steak Of The Union" post speech analysis

Steak of the union 26410.jpg
KVI's "Steak Of The Union" combines red meat politics with a delicious steak dinner and 100 people watching the speech and the spectacle of the 2018 "State Of The Union" address by Pres. Donald Trump. (photo: KVI staff)

KVI's Kirby Wilbur and John Carlson co-anchored an hour long KVI "Steak Of The Union" broadcast after Pres. Donald Trump's first State of the Union speech to discuss, debate and analyze the big moments from the speech. The live broadcast was held at Daniels' Broiler restaurant in Bellevue with a KVI audience who had just dined on a delectable filet mignon diner. The audience and KVI callers added questions and comments to the discussion about how Trump (and the Congressional Democrats) fared during the speech.

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