John and Kirby's 2016 Endorsements

King County Voting Booth (KOMO Photo)

John Carlson Endorsements:

Statewide Races

There is one federal race on the statewide ballot this year (US Senator), nine Statewide offices in Olympia up for grabs, three Supreme Court contests, and six statewide ballot initiatives, along with Sound Transit 3 in King and most of Pierce and Snohomish counties. Here are my choices. If I REALLY like a candidate, I add an exclamation point (!).

Sound Transit 3 (for voters in King, Pierce, and Snohomish Counties). Biggest tax increase in State history in exchange for a massive expansion of light rail: NO

Governor: Bill Bryant!

Auditor: Mark Miloscia!

Secretary of State: Kim Wyman!

State Treasurer: Michael Waite

Lt. Governor: Marty McClendon

Attorney General: Joshua Trumbull

Insurance Commissioner: Richard Schrock

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Erin Jones

Lands Commissioner: Steve McLaughlin

State Supreme Court

David DeWolf!

Greg Zempel!

David Larson!

Ballot Measures

Initiative 732: Imposes carbon tax in exchange for lower sales and business taxes: NO

Initiative 735: Urges the legislature to oppose Free Speech decision by US Supreme Court: NO

Initiative 1433: Raises minimum wage statewide 35% in three years: NO

Initiative 1464: Uses Tax dollars to finance political campaigns: NO

Initiative 1491: Makes it easier for Courts to remove firearms from some people's homes: NO

Initiative 1501: Badly misnamed initiative whose sole aim is to prevent public home health workers from knowing that union membership is voluntary: NO

SJR 8210: Technical change in State Constitution adjusting the date for redistricting legislative and congressional districts: YES

The two "Advisory votes" are purely symbolic and have no legal bearing. Do what you please!

US Senate: Chris Vance

Kirby Wilbur Endorsements:

The most important vote you can cast on a local/state issue is a big NO on Proposition One, Sound Transit 3. No on ST3.

Vote NO on all six statewide initiatives: 732, 735, 1433, 1464, 1491, 1501.

Advisory Vote 14: YES

Advisory Vote 15: NO

SJR 8210 : YES

I will vote Republican in all statewide races where there is a Republican running.

US Senate: Chris Vance

Governor: Bill Bryant

Lt Governor: Marty McClendon

Secretary of State: Kim Wyman

State Treasurer: Michael Waite

State Auditor: Mark Miloscia

Attorney General: Joshua Trumbull, Libertarian Party candidate

Commissioner of Public Lands: Steve McLaughlin

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Erin Jones (Tough choice, best of two bad choices)

Insurance Commissioner: Richard Schrock

State Supreme Court:

Position #1 - David DeWolf

Position #5 - Greg Zempel

Position #6 - Dave Larson

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