John Carlson reaction to latest KOMO News special on homeless crime problems

KOMO Town Hall per SID 8_o.jpg
KOMO conducted an hour-long forum yesterday with three panel guests to follow-up on the monumental "Seattle Is Dying" special. KVI's John Carlson digs into what was said on the latest KOMO special anchored by Eric Johnson. (photo: KOMO News)

KVI's John Carlson assess the key moments from yesterday's KOMO News panel forum on the city and region's drug addiction, crime and homeless problems.

Click the photo above to hear John Carlson play some of the notable comments from the three guest panel and host Eric Johnson. Included in the forum were a Seattle International District business owner, a retired Seattle police officer and the director of the Public Defender Association for Seattle King County.

The subjects covered by KVI's John Carlson include lack of faith in leadership among Seattle's elected officials, some suggestions for what would reverse the Seattle area's on-going crime/heroin/homeless problems, lawlessness versus homelessness, and a powerful letter from a KOMO viewer who's adult daughter just OD'd one month ago on drugs inside a homeless tent.

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