King County dragging its feet on verifying I-27 regarding heroin injection sites

I-27 heroin injection site plan KOMO156.jpg
Organizers of I-27 in King County which would require a public vote to authorize any supervised heroin injection sites are speaking out about the delay in signature verification. KVI's Kirby Wilbur and John Carlson cover the story from all sides as the anticipation of a public vote in November or February builds. (photo credit: KOMO News)

KVI's John Carlson and Kirby Wilbur investigate why its taking King County Elections so long to verify more than 60,000 signatures submitted for I-27 which would require a public vote in King County before any supervised heroin injection sites are opened here. King County Elections Director, Julie Wise, talks to KVI about why this process will take so much longer to complete. The delay could provide strategic benefit for a variety of politicians running for office in the November general election, according to John Carlson. Carlson says if the referendum on heroin injection sites is delayed from November's general election to a special election in February 2018, it would mean that many city council candidates might not be forced to answer questions or take a position about their stance on government supervised heroin injection sites.

One of the main organizers of I-27, Joshua Freed (a Bothell City Councilman), also joins the discussion about the extra level of scrutiny that I-27 is receiving. Several sizeable King County cities have recently approved bans prohibiting any supervised heroin injection site from opening in their towns, including Bellevue, Federal Way and Auburn.

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