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Valiant Ambition – Nathaniel Philbrick – the story of Benedict Arnold and George Washington

Enhanced Interrogation– James Mitchell – the man who developed the EI program and interrogated KSM, the man behind September 11.

Factory Man– the story of John Basset and Bassett Furniture, who fought foreign competition and saved his company.

A Terrible Glory– James Donovan -the best book on Custer’s Last Stand.

The Wright Brothers– David McCullough – the incredible story of the American brothers who discovered powered flight, told by America’s most pre-eminent living historian.

What This Cruel War Was Over– Chandra Manning – how the Civil War became a war of emancipation and ending slavery.

Illiberal Reformers– Thomas C Leonard – how the Progressive movement of the early 20th Century promoted racism and eugenics.

The Earth is Weeping– Peter Cozzens – the best history of the Indian Wars in the 19th Century west. Not pro-Indian or –white, nor anti-white or –Indian, just good history, well-written.


Rodney Stark– any of his books on Christianity or Western Civilization. How the West Won is a good start.

Tom Holland– great historian, specializing in Ancient Greece and Rome.

Ralph Peters– Fox military analyst, frequent guest on John’s show, has written several Civil War novels, any of which is a great read. Cain at Gettysburg is my favorite.

Brad Thor– can’t miss with any of his novels.

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