KVI Exclusive: anti-Trump/anti-FA suspected of U-District attack

UW Red Square Patriot Prayer event SeattlePI credit 4.jpg
Supporters of UW College Republicans and Patriot Prayer gather for a Freedom Rally on the First Amendment at Red Square on Saturday February 10, 2018. A videographer who recorded anti-Trump counter protesters tells KVI in a news exclusive that some of the anti-Trump forces attacked a man with pepper spray and a cane after the Freedom Rally off of University Avenue in the U-District. Seattle Police are investigating the attack. (photo:

Following the arrest of five anti-Trump protesters at the University of Washington's Red Square a videographer tells KVI that he captured the images of several assault suspects fleeing Seattle Police officers in a car after attacking a man who attended a conservative rally just minutes before that was coordinated by the UW College Republicans.

Leo Stratton says he turned over the video in question to Seattle Police who were chasing the suspects, "Well, I came up behind filming the whole way and I filmed the license plate and the car taking off as well as inside the window so they (could) know what they (the suspects) look like in their faces without their panties (bandanas) covering their faces or whatever. "

Stratton was at the UW Freedom Rally conducted by the UW College Republicans to record the anti-FA and anti-Trump protesters. He has documented previous political rallies to monitor anti-FA and anti-Trump protest tactics.

In the video above, Stratton captured images of one of the assault victims after the fact, telling KVI hosts John Carlson and Kirby Wilbur, "and he had been pepper sprayed and then, um, beaten about the head with uh, like a cane. If you've ever seen the movie 'A Clockwork Orange' it made me think of that."

Concerns about anti-Trump protesters grew in the week before the Freedom Rally because the University of Washington attempted to charge the UW College Republicans a $17,000 security fee to pay for police presence at the site of the event which included Vancouver WA resident and organizer of Patriot Prayer USA, Joey Gibson.

The UW College Republicans successfully sued the UW over the expensive security fee and won an injunction in King County Court the morning before the Red Square rally on campus.

Stratton says he didn't get a name or identity of the victim but says he obtained a police report case number for the investigation after speaking with officers on the scene to provide the video of the suspected vehicle he recorded.

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