KVI interview over Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) gets heated

DAPL protest I-5 Bellingham (KOMO News).JPG

Muckleshoot Tribe member and frequent organizer of "No DAPL" protests around Seattle, Rachel Heaton, joins John Carlson to discuss the disputed project in North Dakota but the conversation escalates on the issue of courts upholding treaty rights for indigenous Americans. Heaton has helped lead the effort for the Seattle City Council to divest from Wells Fargo Bank for its role in financing DAPL construction. Regarding President Donald Trump's decision to re-open the DAPL construction/permit process Heaton is quoted by the Seattle Times as saying, “This is a slap in the face to indigenous communities, to our treaty rights, everything we stand for. We will remain prayerful and peaceful, and we are not going to stop until this drill pad is dismantled and DAPL leaves.”

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