KVI's John Carlson summits Mt. St. Helens for cancer fundraiser

St Helens summit JC 2018 PIXLR.jpg
Standing atop Mt. St. Helens, KVI's John Carlson summits the legendary volcano for the second consecutive year in the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center's "Climb To Fight Cancer" fundraiser. In the background is Spirit Lake and beyond is Mt. Rainier. John, his son Drew, guide Chris Burrows and the rest of the climbing team reached the summit on Sunday July 22, 2018. (photo: KVI Staff).{ }

KVI's John Carlson, including his younger son Drew, scaled the summit of Mt. St. Helens for the annual Climb To Fight Cancer fundraiser by Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. The Carlsons and the climbing team completed their Cascade Mountain trek on Sunday July 22, 2018.

Thank you to all the Climb To Fight donors. If you would like to donate, you can still contribute at this link.

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