#KVIStandsUp to show your support for the national anthem

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KVI embarks on #KVIStandsUp campaign inviting listeners to share on social media when they stand for the national anthem.  photo: KVI Staff

KVI's Kirby Wilbur and John Carlson are inviting KVI listeners and everyone they know to "stand up for the anthem" by posting to social media a picture of you standing when KVI plays the national anthem on air.

Wilbur says, "we want to be flooded with pictures of people standing up. Not in reaction to the (NFL) players, but because this is the right thing to do."

Carlson adds, "Transcend the players. This is for the flag."

Listen to KVI with Kirby and Carlson between 8a-10a weekdays to join the effort and use #KVIStandsUp when you post your picture to the following social media pages:

"570 KVI" Facebook Page,

"Kirby Wilbur Radio" Facebook Page

"John Carlson Radio" Facebook Page




Wilbur concludes by saying, "Join us in honoring our flag in a positive assertion of what this flag is about and why we stand."

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