Legal battle intensifies over expected vote on Seattle heroin injection sites

I-27 KOMO screen shot 39.jpg
The fate of a public vote on supervised heroin injection sites in King County will now hinge on a legal defense by the concerned citizens who organized the campaign to gather signatures to clinch a public vote rather than unilateral imposition of the injection sites via King County public health officials. (photo: KOMO News). 

King County Prosecutor, Dan Satterberg, explains why his office is not obligated to defend Initiative 27 (I-27) which would require a public vote in King County on two proposed supervised heroin injection sites.

Satterberg tells KVI that because I-27 is in its pre-election phase and is not law, his office is not obligated to defend the initiative. The Seattle ACLU has sued King County Elections in an effort to block the vote.

KVI's Kirby Wilbur and John Carlson interview Satterberg about the legal limbo of I-27 and what that means for the possible opening of two supervised heroin injection sites in Seattle and/or King County.

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