No Child Sleeps Outside fundraiser begins for Seattle shelters

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The No Child Sleeps Outside fundraising campaign begins now, on Thanksgiving, and runs through Dec. 31, 2018 to provide shelter and resources to homeless children and their parents in King County. (photo: KOMO News).{ }

From Thanksgiving through New Year's Eve day, the No Child Sleeps Outside campaign in King County is requesting donations to support homeless shelters for children and their parents.

Fundraiser organizer and Starbucks senior vice-president John Kelly tells KVI, "This is the most solvable part of a very complex problem."

The fundraising goal is $2,000,000.

"With our No Child Sleeps Outside campaign we have opened up six shelters in the over the last four years, increased capacity 300%," says executive director of the homeless shelter Mary's Place, Marty Hartman. "But the main thing is that baby today, that toddler learning to walk, that teenager that's trying to graduate from high school can have a bed tonight and that's our goal. That every child would be able to come inside and have a bed and a blanket and a meal and a community that loves them. And know that they're moving to housing soon. "

KVI's John Carlson responded to Hartman's statement, "That last part especially is what people want to hear about that this is a transition to helping them get back on their feet again and moving."

Hartman says the funding will help more than 900 families move from tents and cars into permanent housing.

Kelly adds, "What Marty and her team have done is to reform and be accountable toward results. and that's what the employer (business) community is looking for. That's what taxpayers are looking for."

The No Child Sleeps Outside campaign serves homeless children and families throughout King County.

You can make a contribution now at . The deadline to contribute is Dec. 31, 2018.

According to the No Child Sleeps Outside website, a $17 donation allows the shelter staff to bring a child inside to warmth and safety for a night, $109 enables us to provide healthy and filling meals for a child for a month, $500 allows staff to relocate a domestic violence survivor family to a safe location, $1000 provides 50 moms and dads with license renewal fees and work permits to gain full-time employment. This begins to remove many of the obstacles that lead to homelessness in King County and beyond.

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