Pres. Trump Report Card Grade after 15 months

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The report cards for President Donald Trump grade his job after 15 months as a strong "B" as judged by participants who attended{ } the KVI Crosscut Conversation at the Everett Historic Theater on April 26, 2018. (photo: KVI Staff){ }

At the KVI Crosscut Conversation in Everett, those in attendance were given a chance to grade President Trump after 15 months in the White House. We had 44 people who took the time to assign their grades and submit written comments for Trump's report card.

The cumulative GPA (grade point average) for Trump is 3.12, based on 7 subjects: Economy, Taxes (and debt) , Military, Global Affairs, Domestic issues (race relations and immigration), Social Media, and lastly Works Well With Others.

That's a strong B average on the old 4.0 scale most of us know from high school.

Trump scored the highest marks for Economy and Military, A- and an A-/B+ , respectively.

Taxes: several people downgraded Trump on debt/spending. with comments like "Trump rolled over on the spending bill, allowed the Dems too much and will take us deeper in debt", "Need to cut spending, too much waste", "Needs to work on country's debt", "We've got to get spending under control", "Don't like the budget with all the spending".

Tweets: C+ average from last night. Some of the responses from the crowd include, "Needs to save the words 'fake news' for when it's really fake", "Stop tweeting without thinking things through", "Could learn to chill a little", "Self-inflicted wounds", "Mostly unproductive but one of the few ways to get around the fake media", "I wish there were a better option than his Twitter, but no other way around MSM (Mainstream Media)".

Many people last night commented on Trump & immigration: one person gives a "C" grade but adds "Keep up the fight".

More comments related to immigration: "Hopeful for wall", "Build the wall", "Should continue to play the DACA trade for wall", "Close the borders. Vetted immigrants are welcome but need to go through the process", "Need to get the southern border secure", "(immigration is) a work in progress"

One of the lowest overall grades given to Trump at the event last night was a "C-". The person added, "America is not great again. More divided than ever."

If you missed out on attending the KVI Crosscut Conversation, it will be replayed on the cable channel TVW (check local service for availability) at the following dates and times.

Tuesday May 1 at 7pm, Thursday May 3 at 2pm, Friday May 4 at 8pm, and Sunday May 6 at 8pm. Set your DVR accordingly.

If you want to see the KVI Trump Report Card for yourself, we have it posted on our Facebook page, click here.

Thanks again to, The Everett Historic Theater, Lombardi's Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar in Everett and Coral Wines for their support in the event.

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