Seattle has its own kind of March 'madness'

Seattle Police respond to a 911 call about a suspected homeless man attacking another suspected homeless man with plastic packing crate. (photo: KOMO News)

KVI's morning show host, John Carlson, and afternoon show host, Kirby Wilbur have spent considerable portions of their shows so far this week discussing and sharing the vexing and all too familiar stories about Seattle drug addiction and homeless-related crime problems presented in the KOMO News special "Seattle Is Dying".

The following news stories show that the problems in Seattle connected to drug vagrant and homeless problems are creating a pathetic kind of March madness in the city.

Monday March 11th a suspect with a background of violent assaults and arrests allegedly attempted to shove a woman off an I-5 over pass in Seattle during rush hour traffic.

Tuesday March 19th a suspected homeless man assaults another suspected homeless man with a plastic packing crate in the Ballard neighborhood of north Seattle.

Tuesday March 19th a man with a gun in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood opens fire on police officers who responded to a welfare check for a potentially suicidal man with a gun. Officers wounded the man who remains hospitalized.

Three disheartening and disturbing cases in just over a week. The madness in Seattle continues.

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