Seattle officials won't sweep out "Jungle 2.0" due to bizarre catch-22

jungle under I-5 generic KOMO.jpg
This file photo of the area known in Seattle as The Jungle is one of the most notorious homeless encampments in the city and it has re-populated after originally being cleared out by city officials. (KOMO News).{ }

KVI sister station, KOMO News, reports that Seattle authorities will not sweep out the new, larger homeless encampment near the I-5 and I-90 freeway interchange near the International District because of a rule previously enacted by the city.

According to the report, the rule requires that if any homeless camp is shutdown, the trespassing campers there must be allowed to move to a sheltered location but the city currently doesn't have any available sheltered spots.

In the KOMO story, Sgt. Eric Zerr, who heads up the city’s Navigation Team says, “If we don't have shelter beds for them, we can't do those cleanings, it’s part of our rules."

The city rule creates a catch-22 or chicken-and-egg dilemma exacerbating the homeless problem. KVI's John Carlson responds to this KOMO News story about "Jungle 2.0" by saying, "It's time to show some tough love", regarding the newer bigger "Jungle 2.0" encampment.

Carlson concludes that this delay in sweeping out the illegal camp shows, "this is just one unforced error after another. Self-inflicted wounds on the city of Seattle by its own political establishment. Do you know how sad it is to hear a police officer like this poor sergeant saying he 's not allowed to go in and enforce the law because they city council passed a rule that there has to be available bed space for people who don't want bed space? They don't want bed space! It's just an excuse to keep the encampments going."

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