Seattle's supervised heroin injection site plan appears to be faltering

Seattle's plan for a supervised heroin injection site may be reduced to an RV to serve as a mobile facility because the Seattle City Council and supportive health officials are having a difficult time coming up with a brick and mortar location, according to KOMO News.

KOMO's Matt Markovich reports that the committee responsible for advancing the supervised heroin injection site is considering a recreational vehicle because of objections and suitable criteria to the siting of a fixed--or permanent--site.

KOMO cites an opiod task force member who says, "A mobile site isn't preferred, which isn't to say that a mobile site couldn't work or wouldn't be a feasible option,but a fixed site is going to provide more opportunity for engagement with clients (aka heroin addicts)."

KVI's John Carlson says, "I wish they (supervised injection site supporters) would cease with the lie: that heroin injection sites are where we can meet with people, mitigate their circumstances, see if we can get them a safe alternative to heroin. I'm sorry you don't try and convince someone to give up heroin while they're HIGH on heroin. I mean that's the kind of thing that really book smart (but) street stupid people think. That that's how you deal with the problem."

KOMO's Matt Markovich notes that Seattle supporters of the supervised heroin injection sites wanted to have one of the facilities open in the city by late last year. The failure to open such a facility on that timeline would indicate that the criteria and logistics for finding a suitable heroin injection site is losing momentum--especially after 11 different King County cities have voted to block any such supervised heroin injection sites being opened outside the Seattle city limits.

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