Expect a return of smoky skies soon for Puget Sound

AAA clear skies Summer Aug 2018 Pz.jpg
KOMO News weather blogger and meterologist, Scott Sistek tweeted this snarky but true picture about the changing weather pattern finally booting out the smoky skies choking Puget Sound. (photo: KOMO News)

After finally reaching some clear skies and a weather pattern to sweep out the smoke covering Western Washington, KOMO meterologist Scott Sistek reports that the smoky skies will likely return for the final days of August.

"There are not very many scenarios that will keep smoke totally out of Western Washington in the near future," National Weather Service (Seattle) meteorologist Dana Felton wrote in the agency's Friday morning weather discussion.

For now the air quality alerts have been lifted. Check the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency's website for their updates on current conditions and health warnings.

According to Sistek, in the short term, smoke is mostly pestering the North Sound as west/northwest flow aloft is bringing it in from the Vancouver Island fires. This will remain the case into Sunday with weak systems arriving from the Northwest, blowing in light to moderate smoke, especially to the North Sound, but also keeping it mostly cloudy and relatively cool with even some scattered showers Saturday and especially Sunday.

Once those systems pass, the upper flow is expected to veer back to the north for Monday into early Tuesday, which could push another round of thicker smoke from the B.C. interior into Western Washington. It's too early to know how dense the smoke will be -- although we'll be hard-pressed to match the smoke levels of earlier this week -- but could degrade air quality once again.

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