Sound Transit operations could be transformed by Olympia legislative bill

SoundTransit UW station PIXLR.jpg
A Sound Transit light rail train waits for passengers at UW station in Seattle (photo credit: KVI Staff)

Voter (and taxpayer) frustration with Sound Transit is growing after a report earlier this week that the Puget Sound transit agency uses an inflated value of cars to collect taxes for the latest (and exponentially more expensive) phase of construction. A bipartisan vote in the State Senate in Olympia, WA just passed a Republican sponsored bill that would require the Sound Transit board to be elected--not appointed--for increased voter accountability. The bill sponsor, St. Sen. Steve O'Ban (R-University Place) talks with KVI's Kirby Wilbur and John Carlson about why this extra over-sight is needed for Sound Transit operations. Carlson adds that the House Transportation Chair who is a Democrat is open to holding a vote on the bill that passed the State Senate with bipartisan support.

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