Get Involved on ST3: Here's how voters can respond

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FILE PHOTO--Sound Transit's Light Rail Line in Seattle.

The clock is ticking on Sound Transit's newest phase for possible expansion of light rail (aka ST3) will be up for vote in the November 8th 2016 general election. Everyone around Puget Sound has a chance to comment on the proposed 'draft plan' for ST3 before April 29, 2016.

Here's what you need to know: the ST3 plan will include extensive tax hikes for the urbanized areas of King, Pierce and Snohomish Counties. Now is the time to tell Sound Transit how this third phase (ST3) should be crafted with projects and/or possible tax hikes to pay for the added infrastructure.


KVI urges you to e-mail Sound Transit with your priorities, suggestions, and ideas for what should (or shouldn't) be included in the next ST3 phase.

KVI also strongly suggests you contact your state lawmaker, too, to tell them your demands and priorities for ST3. If you don't know exactly who your state legislators are in Olympia, you can use this link for the Washington Legislature. State Legislators in Olympia are all very familiar with the Sound Transit board members, so if you advise your state legislators, that will help them understand the public demands for what could be a $50 billion spending plan over the next 30-50 years. Your state legislators will be telling Sound Transit board members what they think of the plan and that will help shape the final proposal for the November vote.

Here are some more links that will be helpful for you to learn about ST3:

The (Tacoma) News Tribune's list of ways you can tell Sound Transit about the ST3 'draft plan'.

This Everett Herald story covers the major concerns state lawmakers in Snohomish County have about the 25-year timeline to build the north link from Lynnwood WA to Everett WA.

Here's a Puget Sound Business Journal story about the ST3 draft plan being unveiled.

Also: check the KVI Podcasts page of prior CarlsonCasts and KirbyCasts of their respective talk shows to hear their thoughts on the impact and what should happen with the proposed ST3 vote in November.

With a massive, multi-billion dollar public works project proposal like ST3 covering such a vast time frame (25-40 years) for completion, the next month of citizen input (leading up to April 29th) on this plan is critical in order to prevent a bloated, financially-crippling and intractable mass transit expansion from being passed by voters on November 8th, 2016.

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