Supervised heroin injection site lawsuit goes to State Supreme Court

I-27 heroin injection site plan KOMO156.jpg
The Washington State Supreme Court agrees to hear the case of I-17 which is calling for a public vote in King County to decide the fate of two supervised heroin injection sites. (photo: KOMO News){ }

The fate of King County voters deciding the future of two proposed supervised heroin injection sites will now go to the Supreme Court of Washington (SCOW). The State High Court agreed to hear the appeal of Initiative 27 (I-27) which seeks to put the two proposed supervised heroin injection sites up for a public vote in King County. A King County Superior Court judge ruled earlier this year that the public didn't have the right to decide a public health issue and prevented the public vote in King County.

KVI's Kirby Wilbur and John Carlson interviewed the I-27 sponsor, Joshua Freed and I-27 legal counsel, Mark Lamb, about the fast-track decision for the State Supreme Court to take the case and by pass the normal appellate court level.

"The earliest that this will be on the (Supreme Court) calendar is September, but we should have some notice of that later on in the month (May)," said Lamb. A favorable ruling in September by the State Supreme Court could provide for I-27 to be on the November general election ballot.

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