Tacoma Dome to use metal detectors


TACOMA, Wash. -- It seems appropriate to inaugurate a new metal detector system on the same night the legendary heavy metal band AC/DC performs at the Tacoma Dome.

Tacoma Dome managers decided this would be the evening they launched enhanced security measures that include hand-wanding all who enter, and requiring smaller bags.

"We're just trying to make the events held here as safe as we can," said Kim Bedier, the manager who runs operations at the arena. " I think, sadly, it's a sign of the times-- the world in which we live in."

Bedier said it was time to adopt the same enhanced procedures as many other major facilities, including all NFL, NBA and NHL venues.

Backpacks are already prohibited, and security guards routinely inspect bags and coats.

A Tacoma Dome manager said about thirty security guards will be using the wands tonight.

We talked to many fans who arrived early. Not one person we approached had an objection to the new security policies.

"People that don't want to go through metal detectors and don't want their bags searched, don't come," said Hugh Taylor. "It doesn bother me one bit."

Handbags may now be no larger than 13 5/8" X 15 1/4, and all bags are subject to search.

Tacoma Dome management has worked hard to alert the public through social media, interviews with major media outlets, posting the new policy on its website, and sending an email to every person who purchased tickets on line.

"They can help us by leaving those big bags at home. If they've been to an NFL game lately and really want to bring a bag they can bring one of those nice, clear bags approved by the NFL," said Bedier, who acknowledges there will be a learning curve for everybody. "Make sure you get here a little early if you can and be patient with us. It's new to us as well."

21,000 fans are expected to fill the Tacoma Dome for the AC/DC concert.

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