Trucks repeatedly crashing in Tacoma's I-5 construction zone

Despite the fifth crash of a semi in five months at the same spot in Tacoma, the State Department of Transportation says it's not going to make any changes. It blames the truck drivers involved for not paying attention through that narrow construction zone. (KOMO News).{ }

Five tractor-trailer crashes in five months along the same stretch of I-5 near the Highway 16 interchange in Tacoma.

According to KOMO News, transportation officials say driver error is to blame. All the crashes are clogging traffic on an already packed part of I-5 which has been undergoing various phases of construction for years between the Puyallup River Bridge on the northeast edge of town and the Highway 16 junction.

In this section of the construction zone where the five truck crashes have occurred, the lanes are one foot narrower and there's very little shoulder. Concerns have been expressed about lack of lane stripping that help drivers stay oriented to their lanes and not make over-corrections that lead to losing control and slamming into jersey barriers or other vehicles.

The only good news at this point is that the Tacoma construction project is expected to be complete in the next few months.

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