Voters should decide fate of heroin injection drug site, says Bothell lawmaker

heroin needles Seattle PI.jpg
A picture shows the exasperating problems caused by heroin addiction and now a Bothell, WA city councilman wants to pump the brakes on a proposal for Seattle to open two so-called "safe injection" cites for heroin addicts to shoot up with medical supervision in an attempt to cut down on over-dose deaths. The Bothell City Councilman wants voters across King County to have the final say on any heroin injection drug sites in Seattle.

A Bothell, WA city councilman, Joshua Freed, wants King County voters--not the Seattle City Council or King County Council--to have the final decision on opening two proposed heroin injection drug sites for drug addicts. Freed has filed paperwork with the King County Department of Elections seeking a measure to be placed on the ballot later this year. King County Initiative Measure No. 27 reads “Shall supervised drug consumption sites be unlawful in King County?”

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