WA Congressman shares what it'll take for Trump to change his mind on wall

KVI's John Carlson interviews WA 9th District Congressman, Adam Smith, (D-Bellevue) about his opposition to a $5.7 billion border wall and what it would take for Trump to change his mind. In this photo, Union members and other federal employees rally to call for an end to the partial government shutdown, Thursday, Jan. 10, 2019 at AFL-CIO Headquarters in Washington. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

On the 19th day of the partial US government shutdown due to a Congressional and Presidential stalemate on border security, KVI host John Carlson interviews Washington Congressman, Adam Smith (D-Bellevue), who has been a vocal critic of Trump's border wall request but seemed to open the door to changing his mind.

"I disagree with, right now, the idea that it make sense to build more of a wall," said Smith, who now chairs the House Armed Services Committee, which deals with military oversight. Oversight that Smith would have if Trump chooses to declare an emergency and fund a border wall with Pentagon budget money instead of funding from Congress.

"I am making very common sense arguments about why what the President wants in this case doesn't make sense," Smith told KVI. He continued, " But the larger point here is that this is a good debate to have. I'm wide open to the President sitting down and saying 'look, here's why we think this wall is gonna work in this place. Here's how we can do it. Here's how its cost effective.' I've looked at it and I don't see it, but we can have the discussion."

Smith's response about negotiating and listening seems diverge from the response House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has indicated so far. In the last month she has called a border wall "immoral" and "an immorality."

Smith said, "Here's the issue: President Trump has yet to come to us and say, 'here is the section of the border that if we built this wall, here is how it would improve security.'"

Carlson pointed out that in the national address by Trump, the president said the wall would be built where Border Patrol wanted it built, rather than Trump choosing sites of his own accord. Smith says he and Democratic Congressional colleagues haven't been told that by Trump or White House officials. "How come we haven't been told that?", asked Smith. "They haven't told us that."

Listen to the entire interview about border security and the political gridlock the debate has caused in Congress by clicking the image above.

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