WA Supreme Court Justices could cash in on 18% pay raises

SALARY commission PIXLR.png
The Washington Citizens' Commission on Salaries for (statewide) Elected Officials is considering several big pay hikes for statewide elected officials including Gov. Inslee and Washington Supreme Court justices.{ }

Salaries for Washington's statewide elected officials like State Supreme Court Justices as well as others could soon go up double digits based on a proposal from The Washington Citizens' Commission on Salaries for Elected Officials. Gov. Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson would also receive significant pay raises approaching double digits.

Salaries for the statewide elected officials in Washington can be found here. Currently the Supreme Court Chief Justice is the highest paid statewide elected official at $193,162. By comparison Associate Justices earn $190,415 annually and governor takes home $177,107. The pay for Supreme Court justices would go up 18% to $228,816 and $225,562, respectively by July 2020. The governor's salary would go up 7% to $189,186, over the same time horizon if these pay raises are approved.

Part of the problem with the Citizens' Commission on Salaries is that one of the 17 members is a husband of a Washington Supreme Court Associate Justice who would benefit from the prospective pay raises.

An exasperated Kirby Wilbur said on KVI today, "Wow, that's absolutely conflict of interest. There's no way that should happen. Anywhere."

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