WA school district arms staff to deter campus shootings

Toppenish School District, 23 miles southeast of Yakima, WA has become the first district in the state to allow school staff to volunteer their time to be trained in order to carry a concealed hand gun on school grounds in an attempt to deter shooting attacks. (photo: KIMA Action News).{ }

"We have someone (armed with a hand gun) in every building", says Toppenish School District Superintendent, John Cerna. "In some buildings we have multiple people...and nobody knows who they are except me."

Cerna spoke to KVI's John Carlson about the policy he is over-seeing after the Toppenish School Board approved a plan to allow administrators and staff--but not union teachers--to voluntarily train and be allowed to carry a concealed fire-arm on campus to deter school shootings.

Cerna says the police response time to a 911 call is an easy reason to arm his district staff to discourage on-campus shootings. "The national average of response time," says Cerna, "is 12-14 minutes when a police presence arrives. In our buildings if something like that should happen it would be seconds. I mean literally seconds that there would be an armed presence, because we have an armed presence in everyone of our buildings."

For the full interview with the Toppenish Schools Superintendent and KVI's John Carlson, click on the image above.

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